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Raspberry Pi

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Supporting Dice Sites (alphabet sequence)


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Quick Start

How to run from source code directly

Ensure you install the latest version of docker and docker-compose

git clone mydicebot
cd mydicebot


Manual Bet

Auto Bet

Script Bet

Internal Variables

Variable Type Permission Purpose
basebet double Read Write Shows the amount of the first bet. Only set for first bet.
previousbet double Read Only Shows the amount of the previous bet. Only set after first bet.
nextbet double Read Write The amount to bet in the next bet. You need to assign a value to this variable to change the amount bet. Defaults to previousbet after first bet. Needs to be set before betting can start.
chance double Read Write The chance to win when betting. Defaults to value set in advanced settings if not set. Need to set this value to change the chance to win/payout when betting.
bethigh bool Read Write Whether to bet high/over (true) or low/under(false). Defaults to true (bet high/bet over)
win bool Read Only Indicates whether the last bet you made was a winning bet (true) or a losing bet (false).
currentprofit double Read Only Shows the profit for the last bet made. This is not the amount returned. betting 1 unit at x2 payout, when winning, currentprofit will show 0.00000001 (returned =0.00000002), when losing, profit will show -0.00000001
currentstreak double Read Only Shows the current winning or losing streak. When positive (>0), it’s a winning streak. When negative (<0) it’s a losing streak. Can never be 0. Only set after first bet.
currentroll double Read Only Show current roll information
lastbet object Read Only This is an object containing more details about the previous bet, including the lucky number that was rolled, chance, amount, profit etc.
Variable Type Permission Purpose
balance double Read Only Lists your balance at the site you’re logged in to.
bets int Read Only Shows the number of bets for the current session.
wins int Read Only Shows the number of wins for the current session.
losses int Read Only Shows the number of losses for the current session.
profit double Read Only Shows your session profit. Session is defined as the time since opening the current instance of bot or the last time you reset your stats in the bot.
currencies string array Read Only List the currencies that can be used at the current site, usually in the currency short code (btc, ltc, etc.).
currency string Read Write Can be used to change the currency to bet in using any value from the currencies list. Only values from the currencies list can be used.

Internal Functions

Function Purpose
dobet() The loop of bets
stop() Stop the bet
start() Start the bet (from very beginning) after stop()
resume() Resume the bet (from current stopping) after stop()
resetsession() Reset the session
resetstats() Reset the session
resetseed() Reset the client seed
sound(path_of_the_sound) Sound notificaiton
message(text, type='debug', expire=time_interval_value_in_ms) Message notification on the screen. Four types: “info”, “success”, “debug”, or “error”. Expire interval is 4000 ms by default, -1 for not hiding the message.
betinterval(ms) Bet Interval in milliseconds

Sample Code

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